About Our Company - Smoose NRG

Smoose NRG was founded to solve the issues while drinking normal energy drinks. They are filled with additives which your body doesn't need.

This is why Smoose NRG wants to be open about what you will get and where it is manufactured. We really do care about you and your health.

History before Smoose NRG

I, Pekka Pelkonen, have been working on ecommerce since 2015. After a lot of trial and error (learning) I finally had a few succesful businesses which made profit.

I have a long history in playing video games and producing videos as well. I tried my luck with YouTube but it ran out. Then I have been streaming on Twitch occasionally and this is the time when I realized what I were missing. What a lot of people I know are missing.

During long hours of streaming you will wear up and lose concentration. You needed energy drinks to boost your stamina and focus.

The biggest problem that I saw was the amount of additives, unless you were willing to buy really expensive drinks which is not really suited for Joe Average.

Smoose NRG

Smoose NRG is part of Freelancer Productions. It may confuse you, but I can work with one business ID.

Located in Turku, Finland, we strive to bring the best experience for all of us.


Pekka Pelkonen founded Freelancer Productions originally in 2020 to cater services in video editing and production.

Growing businesses is fun and exciting work! You always keep learning new stuff!
- Pekka Pelkonen


Freelancer Productions VAT ID: FI 31448422

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