Frequently Asked Questions

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About Smoose NRG

Smoose NRG is energy drink. It can be used by gamers or any other people who need energy in their tasks.

The drink powder contains caffeine, green tea extract and a lot of different vitamins. Please see the details on product page.

Latvia, Europe.


We trust our energy drink to a point that we don't even think this is needed.

If for some reason you are not happy with the product or there happens to be a manufacturing error, please contact us!

Please take a look at our Refund Policy for more details.


It depends on which shipping method you chose and where you are located. 

We ship out orders the same or next day when order is placed. Regular mail can take 1-2 weeks; Express shipping can take 2-4 workdays to reach you. 

We handle the energy drink from different location than our apparel. That is why.

We need your phone number as the DHL requires it. They only deliver if you have provided the phone number.

You have multiple products in your cart and this is normal. If you want to have the energy drink with Express Shipping, please purchase/remove other products first.

We use smart shipping calculations as we send out our products from different facilities close to you.

Express Shipping is only valid to energy drink.